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these are a few of my favourite things..

+ being loved back.
+ old people holding hands.
+ sunsets on the beach.
+ hugs that can cure any ailment. {ie: paul hugs}
+ pasta & cheese with extra cheese.
+ strangers that don't feel inhibited to smile back.
+ makeshift slow dancing in my kitchen/ shower.
+ freshly cut grass.
+ the smell, feel, taste of fresh rain.
+ cold nights.
+ vegetarian spring rolls & fried rice.
+ late night/ early morning love making.
+ movies that make you cry.
+ putting songs on the juke box.
+ having his hands run through my hair when i straighten it.
+ battle scars from playfights.
+ train rides.
+ avocado sushi.
+ my big sister hugging me. [it usually only happens when she's drunk]
+ leaving the best songs on repeat.
+ dancing like an idiot with d.
+ having students thank me for their lesson.
+ singing my lungs out.

. to be continued.
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